Push/Pull Control Cables

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Push-Pull Control Cables are used to transmit mechanical motion. Typically, a cable core moves forward (push) and backward (pull) inside of a protective conduit or sheath to cause a desired movement or actuation at the end of the cable core. The travel or stroke length is designed to suit the application.

Some common applications include:

  • Throttle Control
  • Braking Control
  • Actuator Cable
  • Latching/unlatching Cable
  • Shifting Control

Various conduit constructions are available, with “Bowden” conduit being the most common. See below for more information about some of the options available.

A multitude of fittings are available, including clevises, threaded ends, eyelets, ball and swage fittings, bulkhead fittings and more.

Made per your specifications or drawing(s) using either standard industry components or custom parts.

Push/Pull Control Cables Push/Pull Control Cables



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