Ball Lock Pins (Key-Locking Style)

Ball Lock Pins are a very secure quick-release pin. They have a push button that initiates ball action and retraction, and can only be released by pushing the button. Ball Lock Pin design combines secure fastening with Quick-Release ease of removal. Steel Lanyards or Nylon Lanyards may be added as a low cost tether to prevent loss

Our “Key-Locking Style” features a barrel and locking mechanism. Use the supplied keys to lock the pin so that it cannot be removed unless unlocked. Other Ball Lock Pin styles include our T-Handle Style and our Standard Version - a simplified style that is less expensive and gets the job done!

Pivot Point’s Ball Lock Pin design features both a one-piece , cold formed body and one-piece spindle for increased durability.

Ball lock pins are also known as positive lock pins, ball pins, double ball detent pins, push button pins, Quick-Release pins, quick pins and hitch pins.

Stocked in heat treated alloy steel for strength and durability. Standard finish is Zinc with yellow Chromate. Other finishes available.


Ball Lock Pin - Key Locking Ball Lock Pin - Key Locking CAD

Key-Locking Ball Lock Pins

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