DRIK5-13 Ball Knob Detent Pin

5/16" x 1/8" Ball Knob Detent Pin

Model: DRIK5-13

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Product Details

Basic Shank Diameter [in] 5/16
Dia x Effective Length 5/16 X 1/8
Pin Diameter - A [in] 5/16
Effective Length [in] 0.25
Material Zinc Plated Steel
Approximate Weight/Pounds per 100 Pieces [lb] 5.06
Detent Ball Diameter [in] 5/32
Max. Ball Height Above Shank [in] 0.047
Diameter Tolerance Before Plating - Carbon Steel [in] 0.3105 to 0.3125
End Chamfer Length x 15 Deg. [in] 0.125
Approximate Ball Compression Force [lb] 8
Ball Knob Diameter [in] 1 3/16
Note Plating may add, up to, .001" to diameter of pin

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