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3/16" x 1 3/4" Clevis Pin with Holes - CP-18

3/16" x 1 3/4" Clevis Pin with Holes - CP-18

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3/16" x 1 3/4" Clevis Pin with Holes

Model: CP-18


Pivot Point manufactures Clevis Pins in-house. Clevis Pins may also be called Hitch Pins, Cold Headed Pins, Headed Pins or Cold Formed Pins.

Standard Clevis Pins are cold headed per IFI standards except for hole and point dimensions. All Clevis Pin holes are chamfered for a superior part finish! Only the finest cold heading quality wire is used. Some Cotter Pins that we have available for use with Clevis Pins include Bow-Tie Locking Cotters, Rue-Ring Locking Cotters, Circle Cotters and Hair Pin Cotters.

Standard Clevis Pins are made from low carbon steel and stocked plain finish. Additional plating finishes are offered as required. Stainless Steel Clevis Pins are also stocked in various sizes, with other sizes available upon request.

Special Clevis Pin configurations and grades are available, with various material options including medium carbon steel and alloy steel. Heat treated clevis pins are available per your requirements, including Grade 5 and Grade 8 Clevis Pins. Different head styles are available including button heads, truss heads and pan heads. For Quick-Release applications, see our Detent Clevis Pins. Also available are Clevis Pins with grooves for retaining rings.

Choose a clevis pin made to your exact specifications! We offer free engineering assistance and samples!

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Basic Shank Diameter [in] 3/16
Length under Head: To Edge of Hole (Approx.) [in] 1.609
Length under Head: To Center of Hole (Approx.) [in] 1.656
Shank Diameter - A 0.181 to 0.186
Length [in] 1 3/4
Head Diameter - B [in] 0.310
Head Height - C [in] 0.060
Head Chamfer - D [in] 0.020
Pivot Point Std. Hole - E [in] 3/32
Optional Point Diameter - F [in] 0.140
Optional Point Length - L [in] 0.045
Weight per 100 Pieces (Approx.) [lb] 1.400
Material Plain Finish Steel
Finish Plain Finish
Note Plating may add, up to, .001" to diameter of pin

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