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6mm Shank Diameter SLIC Pins™ - Build Your Own Custom

6mm Shank Diameter SLIC Pins™ - Build Your Own Custom

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Build Your Own Custom - 6mm Shank Diameter Slic Pin™

Model: Build Your Own - 6mm Shank Diameter

Configurable Attributes
Effective Length [mm] (3.56 to 3,657.60)
Plunger (see explanation below)
Heat Treatment
Heat Treatment

U.S. Patent No. 6,872,039 & 7,147,420. Foreign Patents Issued

The Quick-Release SLIC Pin is truly one slick pin! SLIC is an acronym for Self Locking Implanted Cotter Pin, and as the name implies, it is a pin and cotter all in one! This one-piece locking clevis pin is cost-saving, fast and secure. It functions as a quick locking pin wherever you need a quick lock function. This revolutionary fastening pin is understandably highly popular and used successfully in a wide-range of applications.

Quick-Release SLIC Pins feature a strong, spring-loaded plunger that functions as an easy insertion ramp. The plunger retracts when inserted, then springs back up when through the joined material. The vertical face at the rear of the plunger prevents backing out and locks the pin into place! This patented design is ideal for limited-space applications where cotter pin or retaining clip access is limited.

SLIC Pins, one piece locking clevis pins, eliminate cotters, bolts and nuts and clips; and do not require tools for use- thereby greatly speeding assembly times! These quick locking pins are well suited for automated assembly; and are easier, safer and faster than standard clevis pins, cotter pins and clips. Whether you choose to call it a SLIC Pin or a slick pin, we’re sure you’ll love it.

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Shank Diameter - A [mm] 5.93 / 6.00
Nominal Diameter [mm] 6.0
Standard Head Diameter-B [mm] 9.5
Standard Head Height-C [mm] 2.0
Standard Chamfer Length-D [mm] 1.4
End Chamfer Angle [º] 22
Wedge Height (Approx.) - E [mm] 1.200
Proprietary Pivot Point Proprietary Design
Note Plating may add, up to, .001" to diameter of pin

Available in Two Different Plunger Options!

Standard Plunger Removable Plunger
Features a more sharply angled top, affording greatest capture height of the plunger. Use for semi-permanent fastening, where the pin is seldom removed. Features a rounded top, affording easier removal in assemblies with slight gaps when the pin needs to be removed.

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No quantity too small, no quantity too large! We specialize in Personalized Engineered Solutions! We'll work with you to develop the ideal fastener solution to suit your specific application; and we'll provide preliminary prints and samples. Click here to see a brief representation of our custom capabilities.

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