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We help solve fastening challenges in all different types of applications- from horse saddles to jet aircraft and everything in between. We routinely work with customers and their unique applications to develop the perfect fastening solution- focusing on the best functionality at the lowest manufactured cost. You’re the expert on your application- we’re experts in fastening and joining. Let’s talk!

Custom Ball-Lock Pin Design Challenge

Custom Ball-Lock Pin Design Challenge

When Pivot Point was presented with a challenging fastening application for hospital beds, our inventive engineers got to work! The manufacturer needed a secure but convenient fastening system to quickly attach and remove restraints for hospital beds.

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Spring into Bow-Ties!

Bow Tie Cotter Pin

With spring in the air, we thought that we would share a couple of spring-related Bow-Tie Cotter applications! Bow-Tie Locking Cotters pins automatically lock onto a shaft- making them far safer than Hair Pins Cotters, which can easily fall off. They are easier to use than prong-style cotters, and have no sharp edges!

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Opera Theatre Sings the Virtues of Pins

Opera Theatre Sing the Virtues of Pins

The Opera Theatre of St. Louis has discovered the usefulness of Non-Threaded Fasteners, having found that a Pivot Point pin-lanyard-cotter combination is perfect for their quick-change scenery application. Let’s take a quick look “behind the scenes”!

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Pivot Point - these ARE the droids you are looking for...

Pull Pins

We have quite a few Star Wars fans here at Pivot Point, so when Dan from Atlanta called looking for fasteners for his R2-D2 replica, we were happy to oblige. Dan is a member of the R2-D2 builders club and is building his own “functioning” replica. Started originally in 1999 as a Yahoo users group, the club has now grown to thousands of users around the world

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Wire Rope Lanyards Save Costs for Plant Care Robots

Plant Care Robot

This summer, you may find yourself heading to your local home improvement store to pick out new flowers or vegetable plants. You may be surprised to know that these plants may have been nurtured, in part, by robots.

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SLIC hits the slopes

Study Axl

As temperatures fall and snow piles up in Wisconsin, our thoughts turn to outdoor winter activities. Since skiing is far more appealing than shoveling, we thought it would be a great time to spotlight a Pivot Point customer in the ski equipment market that uses our popular SLIC Pin™ in their ski bindings.

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