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For AUS/NZ and UK customersPlease contact our exclusive distributors:

United Kingdom
Specialty Fasteners & Components
Unit D Seymour Wharf
Steamer Quay Road
Totnes, Devon, UK TQ9 5AL
Phone: +44(0)1803 868 677
Fax: +44 (0) 1803 868 678
Website: www.specialty-fasteners.co.uk
e-mail: sales@specialty-fasteners.co.uk

Australia/New Zealand
Concept Latch, Lock and Hinge
ATTN: Ricky Fink
353 Victoria Street
Brunswick, Victoria, Australia 3056
Phone: 011 613 9388 2551
Fax: 011 613 9387 5758
Website: www.conceptlatch.com.au
E-mail: rfink@conceptlatch.com.au
Version 9001:2008
Certificate # FM53796

Exclusive Fastener Innovations

It all started with the Rue-Ring™ Locking Cotter Pin. We went on to introduce Nylon Lanyards™ (Patent number 5,784,760), Bow-Tie Locking Cotter™ Pins (Patent numbers 6,135693 & D431,181), Infinity S-Hooks™ and our newest innovation, The SLIC Pin™ (US Patent number 6,872,039, foreign patents issued). We are continually researching and developing new fastener solutions to solve fastening challenges. We're proud to offer these exclusive, award-winning product inventions and innovations.


Exclusive Fastener Innovations include:

SLIC Pins™
  Bow-Tie Locking Cotters
Bow-Tie Locking Cotters™
  Rue Ring Locking Cotters
Rue-Ring™ Locking Cotters
Nylon Lanyards™ - Standard
Nylon Lanyards™ - Standard
  Infinity S-hooks
Infinity S-hooks™
  Nylon Lanyards™ - U-Lock Style
Nylon Lanyards™ - U-Lock Style
Auto-Lock Safety Pull Pin
Auto-Lock Safety Pull Pin